Coming Events

  • Saturday 19th June 2021

    4rd Club Meeting

  • Friday 2nd July 2021

    Brett Johnson Memorial Night 1

  • Saturday 3rd July 2021

    Brett Johnson Memorial Night 2

  • Friday 30th July 2021

    Fenacling Night 1

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Fe[Iron]NaCl[Salt]NG[Natural Gas]

About FeNaClNG - The City of Karratha/Dampier's main activity and fundraiser each year is the annual FeNaClNG Festival. The name, FeNaClNG, comes from the chemical symbols of the three main production and export commodities in Karratha and Dampier: Iron Ore-Fe, Salt-NaCl and Natural Gas-NG [not strictly correct but it makes the name work!]. The Festival is of such importance locally that a public holiday is declared.

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Nickol Bay Speedway Club

Quick History.

The Nickol Bay Speedway has been providing entertainment to the general public and race fans across the Pilbara since 1972. The Speedway provides this entertainment to Pilbara local residents at a reasonable price with great racing and motorsport competitions all year round..

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